How to get to the reserve

Department of ecological enlightenment invites to see the protected area and adjacent territory. There is access control in the area that is why a permit is needed as well as an early booking of an excursion.

There are four routes for visitors. Three natural and historic trails were organized in the vicinity of Pasvik Reserve by its employees. They are: Settlement of Rajakoski: life by three borders; Natural and Historic Route in the Settlement of Rajakoski; Nature of Kola Arctic: Korablekk Mountain. Another ecological route «Varlam Island – Natural and Historic Museum in the Open Air» is in the protected area. It is possible to visit the area only in the period from June till October.

Nikel, the district’s administrative centre is about 200 km off Murmansk (Zapolyarniy is 170 km off it). It is possible to make a stopover at the cafe in Titovka on the way to it. It takes three or four hours to get there. Rajakoski is 87 km off Nikel. Travel time varies from one hour and a half to two hours. One can stay at a hotel or hostel when coming to that border village. Please be advised that it is necessary to have information on rooms available prior to your visit (see contact information).

Rules for Visitors

The reserve is in the crossborder area with access control that is why permission is needed to come there as well as an early booking of an excursion.

One should have documents on him (ID and an individual or collective pass which allows one to stay in the area) while visiting the cross border area.

It is prohibited to cross the state line.

The staff is to accompany visitors during their stay in the reserve.

Those who break rules associated with entry, sojourn and travel are liable to administrative sanctions as stipulated by RF Law on the State Border of the Russian Federation.

Please observe some simple rules while travelling or staying out of doors:

follow the trails and do not trample on vegetation.

Do not break silence, listen to it and take care of the sounds of nature like twittering of birds, leaf rustles and swirling of streams;

Do not interfere in natural processes and habitats: do not damage anthills and do not approach to nests and burrows.

Do not try to save any animal, be it a bird fallen out of the nest, a single bear cub or a young moose. Nature has its own laws. Approaching to a cub can be cause an aggressive behaviour of an unnoticed she-animal and end sad for you.

Do not disturb the vegetable cover.

Do not burn grass, do not pick plants needlessly and do not gather unknown mushrooms, berries and herbs. There can be rare species among them which are in the Red Book or simply poisonous.

Be careful with fire. Make a bonfire only in a special place and and at the permitted time. Extinguish the bonfire thoroughly.

Do not cut trees and bushes, use dry twigs to make a bonfire.

Collect your trash and clear away after your stay in the forest or on the riverside. Put combustible rubbish into the bonfire but not in the fire hazardous season. Do not burn plastic bottles and bags which contain aluminum foil because poisonous gasses are released while burning. Deliver trash to the land fill.

Do not scatter live cigarettes and matches in the forest; do not dig them into the lichen as they are flammable.

Do not collect or damage archeological and historic objects, monuments to nature, culture and history, banners and informational signs. Please be advised that everything should remain intact as it was before your visit. Keep nature virgin for other people.

One should follow proper behavior rules not to do harm to environment.

Enjoy your stay in the reserve.

Route maps

Pasvik Reserve has a visit centre in Rajakoski. That village consists of two parts: Finnish and Norwegian. A trip varies from one to two hours.

There is a post office and a shop in Rajakoski. Information on working hours is available on the spot.

It takes thirty minutes to get from Rajakoski to Janiskoski. One can visit Nature Museum organized by the reserve's personnel and a military cemetery where thirteen prisoners of war were buried during WWII. A trip takes between one or two hours.

Korablekk Mountain is fourty kilometers off Nikel (it takes about an hour to get there). The mountain is 386 meters above sea level. A tourist should be well equipped and have a tent, pot, sleeping bag and some other things. A trip lasts six hours.

Varlam Island is thirty kilometers off Rajakoski (it takes thirty minutes to get there). The trail is two kilometers long and it is popular among nature tourism visitors as it is full of historical events. There is a memorial museum of Hans Schonning, the Norwegian researcher; a bird watch tower, remains of buildings that date back as far as tsarist Russia and WWII. A trip lasts two hours.

Please be advised that you need to have warm waterproof clothes and footwear when coming there (especially in cold seasons).