Pasvik State Nature Reserve is in the extreme north-west of Kola Peninsula, it borders on Norway.  It is a part of Pechanga district, Murmansk region.  

The reserve is located on the border of boreal taiga and forest tundra within boreal taiga subzone. 

Its western boundary is in the midstream of the Paz River and it goes along the national border.   Its eastern boundary is along Nikel-Rajakoski road and engineering installations.  Salmijarvi Lake is in the north of it and diversion canals of Hevoskoski HEP station (Hestefoss rapid) are in the south of it.  The reserve is in the south-west of Nikel and 25 kilometers off the settlement.   The distance from Rajakoski to its south boundary is about 30 kilometers.   

Its northern boundary is 8 kilometers long, western - 44 km, southern - 1 km and eastern – 42 km.  The narrowest part of the river (200 meters) is close to Jordanfoss Island; it is 15 km off the southern boundary.  The width of the mainland varies from 350 meters in the south and in the north to 10 kilometers in the central part (Kalkupya Mountain). 

Geographical Coordinates:

 (coordinate system, 1988) 








69°18´ North

69°25´ North

69°24´ North

69°07´ North

69°10´ North


29°27´ West

29°17´ West

29°57´ West

29°57´ West

29°15´ West