The dissemination of information about the project and its aims is one the basic parts of its implementation. So we present the project "CROSS-BORDER DIALOGUE AND MULTI-USE PLANNING IN THE PASVIK AND GRENSE JAKOBSELV CATCHMENTS" at all events where the employees of the Pasvik Nature Reserve participate.
For example, the meeting Russian-Finnish environmental working group in Finland (May 12-14),the meeting with the Union workers from Oslo, (Norway) in the visit-center of the Pasvik Nature Reserve (May 21), the Russian-Finnish days of the border cooperation in Kola, Murmansk region (May 23-24) and the work meeting with Norwegian Parliament for constitution and control questions in the visit-center (May 28) were part of the program.
By calling the public attention to the questions consider in the project, we have an opportunity to involve into process of the planning regional government, different organizations, local residents and other of stakeholders.

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