24-25 September, in Umeå (Sweden) a meeting of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council Working Group on Environment took place.

During the meeting different issues concerning current ecological problems of the region, tourism, forests and also achievements in cooperation were discussed.

At the meeting director of Pasvik Zapovednik Vladimir Chizhov presented the report concerning successful experience in international cooperation and current projects within Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 Program:

  • Cross-border dialogue and Multi-Use Planning in the Pasvik and Grense Jakobselv catchments (KO1110 Multi-Use Plan)
  • Ecological Restoration of Arctic Rivers (KO1078 ReArc)
  • Phenomena of Arctic Nature (KO2093).

Barents Euro-Arctic Council was established in 1993 as an instrument for intergovernmental dialogue between Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Commission of the European Communities in the interest of sustainable development of the region, in order to enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation in spheres of economy, trade, science, environment and transport infrastructure.