Research has been conducted in Pasvik Reserve since 1993. 

Fundamental research is conducted in conformity with the Chronicle of Nature Programme which includes seasonal monitoring of flora and fauna, abiotic environment conditions, avifauna, small and big mammals and winter track registration.  The results of flora and fauna inventory are a part of the Chronicle of Nature, too.  

At the same time we study ecology of passerines and birds of prey, do research of seasonal development of landscapes, map natural and territorial complexes, monitor rare species and do vegetable and geochemical research.

The reserve has been conducting ecological monitoring of Kolsk GMK's impact on reserve's nature and nature in the north-west of Kola Peninsula since 2006.  Pasvik Reserve as well as other Russian territories joined ICP-Forest Programme, an international forest monitoring programme in 2009. 

International research is carried out within the framework of Pasvik- Inari Trilateral Park.  The population of the brown bear and the golden eagle, fauna of waterfowls and insects are investigated, landscapes are mapped and a data base is created. 

Pasvik Reserve pays much attention to publication of research results.  The Chronicle of Nature, lists of flora and fauna, monographs, workbooks on ecological enlightenment and education come out on a regular basis.  The first issue of the Proceedings was published in 2008.  The reserve coordinated the Red Data Book Project in Murmansk region in 2003 and prepared Red Data Book of East Fennoskandia in 1998.