Conservation in the reserve is observance of protection routine aimed at conserving natural complexes' status, rehabilitating, preventing changes caused by manmade impact and hazardous phenomena and maintaining sanitary and fire safety.

Any business activities such as hunting, fishing, felling, grazing, haymaking, gathering of mushrooms, berries and herbs and introduction (of species) for (their) acclimatization are prohibited.  Development and mining of minerals, changing of regimen of soils, archaeological excavations, construction of buildings and roads, littering, property destruction and damage are prohibited too.  Unauthorized persons in the territory of the reserve are not admitted. 

The reserve is in the crossborder area and therefore its activity is in conformity with the Federal Law on National Border of the Russian Federation.

The territory stretches along the Paz River and it is easy to patrol it in the east.  Inspections are specially organized; they take place while accompanying researchers to field work too.  There are no residents, visitors, frontier posts, outposts and shelters there.