Route maps


Pasvik Reserve has a visit centre in Rajakoski. That village consists of two parts: Finnish and Norwegian. A trip varies from one to two hours.

There is a post office and a shop in Rajakoski. Information on working hours is available on the spot.

It takes thirty minutes to get from Rajakoski to Janiskoski. One can visit Nature Museum organized by the reserve's personnel and a military cemetery where thirteen prisoners of war were buried during WWII. A trip takes between one or two hours.


Korablekk Mountain is fourty kilometers off Nikel (it takes about an hour to get there). The mountain is 386 meters above sea level. A tourist should be well equipped and have a tent, pot, sleeping bag and some other things. A trip lasts six hours.


Varlam Island is thirty kilometers off Rajakoski (it takes thirty minutes to get there). The trail is two kilometers long and it is popular among nature tourism visitors as it is full of historical events. There is a memorial museum of Hans Schonning, the Norwegian researcher; a bird watch tower, remains of buildings that date back as far as tsarist Russia and WWII. A trip lasts two hours. Please be advised that you need to have warm waterproof clothes and footwear when coming there (especially in cold seasons).